Coast to Coast Ride – Day 5 ( Rameshwaram- Bangalore)

Day 5: Rameshwaram to Bangalore

A word of appreciation on the upkeep and running of TTDC , Rameshwaram. Staff were curtious, property spick and span clean. Highly recommended for all tourists. Online reservation available too !!!

Kick starting last leg of our impromptu ride along the Tamilnadu coast, we bid adieu to Mother Nature’s wonderfully crafted Islands in southern India

Pic: Blissful Sunrise @ Rameshwaram;TTDC Guest house;Pamban Bridge

Pamban Bridge running parallel to railway line connecting mainland to Rameshwaram Island is epitome of engineering marvel.  Only two places of interest in today’s journey of 577 kms to Bangalore, Devipattinam and Devakottai.We traced our way back to Devipattinam, famous for Navagraha temple installed inside the sea.

Pic: Navagraha in Sea; Bridge from mainland to Navagraha;Lotus pond

This temple is supposed to have been built by Lord Rama. Pilgrims take a dip in sea before circumventing the navagraha’s and performing pooja. For the convenience of pilgrims, a bridge has been constructed from mainland to the Navagraha. Covering close to 600kms of Indian Coastline has been exhilarating experience and one has that tinge of sadness as we looked into ocean at Devipattinam before riding into mainland towards our base.

Rameshwaram – Trichy highway runs amidst paddy fields which looked to have just completed a cycle of harvest. Palm trees dot the landscape which is common right across the Cauvery delta regions. As we entered town of Devakottai, my co rider was excited for this was his mom’s hometown. During our efforts to locate his mom’s ancestral home we befriended a nadaswaram player who shared his bike riding experience on Hero Honda Splendor. We located the ancestral home which was demolished and constructed again by current owner. Mission accomplished, final destination – Bangalore beckoned . En route we passed by Karaikudi (Heritage Town) which is well known as Chettinad. Chettiars are major community who flourished in trade and financing.

We stopped for lunch in Trichy at Hotel Shankar Café, a famous Brahmin joint. One needs weeks to explore this city which is known for its Temples- Srirangam, Tiruvanaikaval , Rockfort Temple, Samayapuram, Vayalur Murugan Temple being the famous ones. Trichy acts as center point of Tamilnadu , so invariably you have good connectivity to all parts of TN. Summer is not ideal time to explore and we didn’t have second thought to exit and head towards Bangalore.Remaining leg wasn’t eventful, but tiring due to heat. and hence nothing worth mentioning.

Reflecting on the 5 day Coast to Coast Ride, we felt blessed to have passed through places with rich history and more importantly the opportunity to interact with folks from these small towns who are ever willing to come out of way to help you without a second thought. A feeling of contentedness in what they have… we didn’t hear a single word of lament. Rural folks lead an uncomplicated life a world far different from city life. Value system much stronger and practiced in daily life. We felt secure throughout the journey. Every avid traveller is recommended to cover coastal stretches of TN , more than landmarks the people are highlight. Do spend moments with them, we will feel lot more contended with life. Wouldn’t mind exploring this route over and over again.

Adios until we hit the road on yet another journey to explore the Incredible India!!!

Route Map:



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