Choice of words…it’s lasting impact

My conversation with a business associate wasn’t a positive one, for he made an error which at that spur of moment , sent my BP racing ( Always look for excuse to shoot up!!). Though i didn’t really vent my feelings, in directly did pose questions which revealed my displeasure on the whole situation. He profusely apologized for the situation, but i failed to accept it at that moment… My ego…self esteem… blinded me i suppose.

Well post that conversation , we did have brief call and few exchange of messages the next day to ensure the particular issue was taken to resolution. I could have taken that opportunity to acknowledge that we as humans are prone to errors and i could have ended up doing the same. But I DID NOT…..

Out of blue, i see mail in inbox sharing news of my business associate had passed away following massive heart attack!!!. My heart sank, felt a sickening feeling….My last moments with such a humble person turned out to be negative one. I also realized how much we tend to treat an individual based on certain preconceived notions.I faltered miserably as HUMAN. Can i make a correction of past? No!!!!

Though its easy to brush off the past, these cycle of events has left an inedible impression. I hope to learn from it and ensure its not repeated. Any why do i have to blog this? Well, i assume in this fast moving world we tend to take things for granted…and i want to ensure that this blog ensures mistake i made , no other soul suffers in same manner.

I recollect a statement of a friend ” Day we react in same manner across all situations, that’s when one is truly unbiased”. Realized how true it is!!!  We tend to be caring and extra cautious in words we use while interacting with people who mean a world to us both on personal & professional side. On the other hand we tend to look down upon people based on past experiences, prejudices – looks,status of individual , way he speaks. A lot has got to do with first impression with individual at the same time we carry loads of expectations. When these expectations aren’t met , we carry negative vibe.We always look for opportunity to undermine people whom we hate. We seldom discuss things to resolve, its mostly done to prove our point and boost our EGO.


Seldom do we realize that we ourselves can be at receiving end. In that context how do we feel? Do we realize that its One life and its important we interact with dignity, respect people the way they are and treat them all the same way. End of day each individual has his or her own characteristics. Life is all about accommodating, understanding and being flexible. More importantly , being HUMAN.

I could have acted in more HUMAN way by telling my business associate that mistakes do happen and he need not dwell too much on it. Soothing words would have done a world of good to him.

A Life bereft of ego, A life where in every day we strive to dilute “I” syndrome… we can leave positive impressions across all aspects that we touch upon in our daily lives. For its just ONE LIFE… this moment is reality… how positively we lead is in our hands. And as my experience highlights… you never know… it could be your last conversation and you don’t have chance to correct it. Death is a reality, but intellect humans always feel its far away…….








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